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[第1回] 都医学研 国際シンポジウム「染色体サイクルの制御」開催告知

[ 2012/10/25 ]
◆ 日時(DATE)
9:30 am - 5:00 pm November 29(Thurs) 2012

◆ 場所(VENUE)
東京都医学総合研究所 二階講堂
2-1-6 Kamikitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 156-0057, Japan
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science


◆ プログラム(Program)
Session I: Chairperson: Karlene Cimprich
9:35 ~10:05 Kunihiro Ohta (Tokyo University, Japan)
Mde2 is a central coupler for meiotic recombination initiation that links chromosome architecture to S-phase checkpoint
10:05 ~10:35 Scott Keeney
(Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center/HHMI, USA)
Coordinating DNA replication with the initiation of recombination in meiosis
10:35 ~11:05 Yoshinori Watanabe (Tokyo University, Japan)
Shugoshin displacement links to chromosomal instability in cancer cells
11:05 ~11:25
Coffee break

Session II: Chairperson: Scott Keeney
11:25 ~11:55 Yijun Ruan (Jackson Laboratory, USA)
The Topological basis of chromatin interactions for transcription regulation and diseases
11:55 ~12:25 Yi Zhang (Harvard Medical School/HHMI, USA)
Role of Tet1-mediated 5mC oxidation in PGC reprogramming and meiosis
12:25 ~13:30 Lunch time

Session III: Chairperson: Hisao Masai
13:30 ~14:10 Special lecture: Steve Bell
(Massachusett Institute of Technology/HHMI, USA)
Mechanism of eukaryotic helicase loading and activation
14:10 ~14:40 Hiroyuki Araki (National Institute of Genetics, Japan)
Molecular mechanism of initiation of chromosomal DNA replication in budding yeast
14:40 ~15:10 Coffee break

Session IV: Chairperson: Steve Bell
15:10 ~15:40 Bik Tye (Cornell University, USA)
A yeast model for the study of cancer evolution
15:40 ~16:10 Karlene Cimprich (Stanford University, USA)
Genome maintenance at the replication fork
16:10 ~16:40 Hisao Masai
(Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Japan)
Regulation of replication program in fission yeast and human cells
16:40 ~17:00 General Discussion and Closing remarks

正井久雄(Hisao MASAI)
(Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science)
E-mail:[email protected]